About us

DUNKIN’ DONUTS is the largest coffee shop chain
in the world. At Dunkin’ Donuts we always offer you
our highest quality products and perfect service,
always great and friendly atmosphere.

High quality coffee 100% Arabica, espresso based hot
and cold coffee beverages.

Hot chocolate, delicious and exhilarant
Kulatta with different flavors.

Fresh bakery: unforgettable word famous donuts,
munchkins and muffins

sandwiches, bageles, ciabatta, rolls and others!
Dunkin’ Donuts in numbers:

more than 12 000 locations in 45 countries;

more than 5 million visitors a day;

more than 1,9 billion cups of coffee a year;

More than 70 tastes of donuts

More than 1500 kinds of coffee, espresso and beverages based on this

more than 30 kinds of salads and sandwiches;

And that’s not a limit. Yearly Dunkin’ Donuts
develops many new kinds of products.

Dunkin’ Donuts is unchangeable example of high quality
production and quick service, friendly atmosphere and hospitality.
Dunkin’ Donuts – bright and stylish design; favorite place
for young active people and resting place for all family.
It all started 1950 when Bill Rosenberg opened his first coffee
and donut shop in Quinsy, Massachusetts in the USA.

Russia become the 33 country in international market. First restaurants
were opened in Moscow since 2010 year.

We are glad to invite you to Dunkin’ Donuts Russia, here you can enjoy
a wide selection of coffee, donuts, sandwiches and taste.

Visit Dunkin’ Donuts and become a part of our big family!